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Multi What could have been done to improve the game?

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Ghosts was a very solid game, quite well done. Of course, I have the Xbox 360 version, so I wasn't plagued with the buggy moments. (Also, there's no real difference between it and Xbox One texture-wise, so it would make sense if the game is part of the backwards compatibility program. I hope that it is). The canine fights, underwater level, and space battles all made me absolutely thrilled, and I still get a great kick out of the game when I play it today.

Of course, the game isn't perfect. The main problem is really with Rorke. For an antagonist, he's a considerable step down. He's just a glorified bounty hunter who gets treated like the main enemy, when it's very clear that he isn't. The intro scene in Sin City is definitely a clunky, predictable, cliché-ridden mess, that while solidly done, doesn't fully connect. That said, this all would've stayed, if there was more focus on the real enemy, the man who succeeded Almagro as the leader of the Federation.

But what do you think. What could've been done to improve the game? Also, what would a Ghosts 2 have been like?


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Yes, it was a well done game, but it has some flaws. The story didn't excite me, but it was good. It just needed a special moment, like a Ghost shocker, or a character similar to Captain Price. And it would have been a lot better if the goddamn animations weren't the same shit. Show me that you really worked hard to make sure that CODGhosts was intended to be a great title. But no, they decided to go the cheap route.

What I liked about Ghosts was the unique beginning; you start in an apocalyptic future where there's not a lot of humans. You'd think the game had a lot of room to work with...? Infinity Ward squandered this opportunity. Ghosts would have been a mysterious game with the theme going on. Scary even. What if, there was a super soldier that was able to sneak through missions and you heard fluffers frequently? You hear sounds, and you send your dog to find him. I don't know, give me something new.

That said.. I think Infinity Ward did well by trying to give you a Metal Gear Solid feeling in the first mission. :)

I think that Ghosts would have been a better game if the team was given 3 years to develop it, to fix most of the bugs, glitches, or whatever else there was. And the resolutiongate stuff. All consoles should have been able to go 1080p. Xbox One was 900p from what I understand.

Infinite Warfare looks like a better effort from the little footage that we've seen thus far. Ghosts 2 would have been a repeat of COD4/MW2/MW3 where your job is to catch an enemy like Makarov. Only, this time, you were abducted. You start in a dark room in a military installation, and your job is to get out and kill your enemy.


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What are your thoughts about Rorke and what I said about him and his role in the event of the game?
Eh, he was not that bad, but he also wasn't that exciting, either. They could have done better to make him a bit more exciting. Even if you're a bounty hunter and you're doing a job for money, killing is killing. Does not matter the motivation. I mean, it matters, but why is the killing important?

Killing the person who killed your mom or dad looks better than a bounty hunter killing for money.

Makarov was memorable because he was [one of] the mastermind(s) behind the killing of 30,000 Marines in COD4. And you chased him well into MW3. Put it that way.


Indeed. And things with Rorke started out well, as the fact that he was the best of them before being converted by torture. But the ball got dropped in the end. Plus, in the end, he was not really villain of the piece, not the one who came up with the schemes. He was clearly just the lapdog for the current leader of the Federation.
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