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What Happened to 24/7 Das Haus?


Why does Activision (OR WHOEVER) always ruin a good thing............
Back in my day (20 years ago) "KILL HOUSE" was a 24/7 map and was full of players 24/7 of the time
People playing the same map over and over and over and over again was and still is fun!!!!

What Happened to 24/7 Das Haus?
Tons of people were playing it and Loved it
This was like "Shoot the Ship" on COD MW

We (meaning "I") need to have a 2 or 3 "SMALL" map 24/7 of the time

I'm an old dude with bad eyes and can't really see as good as I used to
So close up and personal is how I play and it's hard to get close up and personal on large maps getting sniped all the time

How about "DAS the DECOY" or "DAS the NEST" 24/7
give us something instead of forcing me to play maps I don't like or want to play

I hope more people read this and agree with me about small maps
Please comment below (Snipers Need Not reply)
regards, Rick


Mate, I'm with you on that. Das Haus is the map for me to quickly unlock weapons.
I think it will settle there very soon, don't worry. In the meantime you can play "Tiny Tactical", it is often occurring in Das Haus and you will get your close and personal experience :)


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
Shoothouse and Shipment were two of the most frustrating maps in MW, they were also two of the most fun maps.

Frustrating, because there were times when I played where I'd come up against a constant barrage of airborne kill streak kills so I'd be constantly pinned down.

The most fun, because they were both frantic and you had to be constantly moving, and I'd play those maps at those times with a massive smile on my face, and like you, that's something I miss a lot.

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