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What is going on with matchmaking and unevenness?


Good morning all. First time I felt compelled to join a board for a game I'm playing. I have tried to like this game, I really have. I have stayed with playing it because I spent the money on it. But they're really making it difficult to stick with it.

I only play team deathmatch and kill confirmed. I am a 75 prestige level 2. Lately, I keep getting paired placed in lobbies where everyone is at least 300, 400, and just before I finally left the lobby a few minutes ago someone was a 795!!! I'm the only low rank in the games. I can't even bring my weapon to bear before getting rolled. I spawn and die a second later. I'm all for being challenged to get better but this isn't enjoyable in the least! Why are these matches being made? HTF are people even getting to those levels??

And also, what's going on with the chinook? I keep shooting it down, it says I got the points credit and "no tip" award, but then the thing continue to fly to the drop and releases the package. Why bother?
Higher level doesn't really equate to being more skill full but maybe more experienced as to how the maps play etc.

They (devs acti) have really screwed the SBMM algorithms way too much this time most games are an absolute sweat fest and I find myself only managing a few games before I'll play something different.

I play core tdm mainly but will switch it up to complete daily challenges.

Make sure you have the perk greed wild card and equip ghost and ninja along with flack jacket and tactical mask , best all round weapon qbz-83 imo hit quick play and be prepared to sweat all the time even when you're camped at the back of the map trying to take a breather.

I'm with all the conspiracy theories that the game is now programed so the outcome of a match has been decided before the starting countdown timer has finished it's that bad this year around , however
glitches , crashes and so many wtf moments aside I still find myself enjoying the game !
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