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What is your best way of playing COD?

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I mean, there is against the computer, online, and against someone in your home. Anyway, what level did you play when competing? Also, are their any ways you haven't tried yet?


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Most fun for me is competitive multiplayer. Back on Call of Duty 4 we were in the Top 10 teams on Gamebattles for quite some time but competitive gaming wasn't really relevant back then, at least not even close to the level it is today. The one way I've played but can't bring myself to enjoy is Zombies. I just don't like endless waves, I like more objective based content if we're gonna be playing co-op.

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I either use the m4 with an acog or run a sniper loadout. I dont like red dots on MWR ,so far.

The only matches I play are free for all and team elimination. I like both standard and hardcore but I keep getting kicked out for fragging my team mates...

I might try out capture the flag or defend the fortress, if thats an option though.
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