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What is your edit length?


Staff member
Alright... guys...

I am looking for feedback.

I know people have problems with editing their posts. I will now consider opening this up a bit.

When you make edits, how long do you need in order for you to be satisfied...?

An hour?
Two hours?
When I founded my call of duty mapping site (mappersunited.com) I went through this same ordeal and experimented for awhile until I found what seemed to work for many years.

I ended up setting the time for editing at half an hour. This gave people a chance to fix any quick errors in their post and more importantly it prevented people from going back to change their posts much later to either stir up trouble or to make their original posts look different after they read posts that came after theirs. Like you, if someone wanted their post edited after that they would have to reach out to a Moderator or to me directly to make their case to get something changed or deleted.

One other thing that I did was to set a level which a person had to reach to earn the right to edit their posts. The limit was low and I think I had it set somewhere around 5 to 10 posts. (This was for new members just registering) I also had that written into my Forum Rules so that there would be no confusion unless they didnt bother to read the RULES. This buffer period provided the time to assess whether or not the new Registered member was just going to be a troll or idiot.

Running a forum is not as easy to do as some would think so it can be difficult to find a balance. I was fortuneate that I had some very good Moderators to help since the size and functions of each site is different.

As to your suggestions of an hour or two the only thing that I can say is that both are probably too long but like I went through you can experiment and see what pleases the masses. I stuck to half an hour and was happy with that.


Staff member
Thank you for that constructive criticism.

I wish there were more members like you. Unfortunately, I had a member just register, and complain without trying to understand why I was keeping edit button disabled.

It doesn't bother me, but its just frustrating.


Fallen Angel
I would say 1 hour should be fine.

I typically check my post and see my effe up within a minute but, meh a bit more time than that would be awesome.
No problem Carlos. Like I said I have lived the life and understand the work and devotion plus the constant vigilance that is required.

I saw the post that you referenced, and he did not want to understand.

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