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What killstreaks do you use?

For Search and Destory, I use:
1. UAV
2. Care Package
3. Sentry Gun

For other game modes, I use:
1. Predator Missile
2. Harrier Strike
3. AC130


Predator Missile > Harrier > Emergency Air Drop

I'm really loving the Emergency Air Drop, so much death is waiting to be unleashed in those crates :D
Care Package>Harrier Strike>Chopper Gunner

I pick these as my rewards because its so easy to obtain them in one life lol care package speed knifing always gets like 7-10 Kills Easy, then the harrier strike its like having a precision air strike and an attack helicopter in one reward lol then chopper gunner over ac130 because its more precise of an attack when in game


Predator missile, Harrier Strike, Pave Low

I have found that by dumbing down my kill streaks to include the Pave Low instead of the Chopper Gunner or AC 130 I in effect get the same type of numbers back and and am much more consistently having big games as I can get all three multiple times in a game (especially in groud war). With hardline on I need 4 kills and then can easily get to my harriers and pave low which if called in sultaneously will do a lot of work. 5-10 kills between the two almost guaranteed. Since making this adjustment My K/D has improved substantially.

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