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What was your first truely earned gold gun

Mine was the M4A1 which i only got a couple nights ago mind you i only just got MW3 about a week and a half ago. Also the reason i say truely earned is becuase of the hacked servers you can sometimes get a gold gun from only gettting a couple kills.
mine was actually weird, i was playing a match with my MP7 which i knew one more match i would get golden. But at the same time i almost got my SCAR L golden (also needed one more match). This match i went 52 and 3 on Demolition i believe it was. But while i was playing i got the indication saying that my MP7 was leveled up to 31, and 2 kills after i lost ammo so i picked up the nearest gun which was the SCAR L and it had 52 bullets left in it. I ended up getting this gun to level 31 in the same match. :D


I have prestiged just before getting a gun gold 3 times now. I had the L118 close to gold on first prestige. M4a1 close on second. Mp7 and MSR were very close on my last prestige.
I don't always have something close to gold before a prestige though because I use such a wide variety of weapons.


Scar-L I absolutely loved that gun and bashed it til I got gold :)
Then it was the ACR 6.8

From then on I've never got another gold gun...
Just get all the Attatchments/proficiencies and move on to the next one :)


Yeah well my first gun was M4A1 then it was MP7 (beautiful gun) and just before the end of my 2nd Prestige I almost got UMP45 in gold but prestiged. Now like @Ghost 17697 I just get all attatchments then move on :D


Yeah I had someone call me an akimbo noob because I killed him wtih akimbo 44. Magnums... I run over his body and it's all "Press F to pick up Dual FMG9's." I was like, wow..really dude?

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