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When you can, use the share buttons on the site. (2014)

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Use the social share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) when you guys can.

How to share your excitement for the site? Well, when you come to the site, you could see four different placements for social sharing...

One is at the top...
This is where you can follow the Twitter account for CODForums, the site on Google+, and the site on Facebook.

Two is on the sidebar...
This is where you can tweet about the site, like/recommend CODForums on facebook, and +1 on Google+.

Three is at the top, too, but it's a plugin... It brings focus to a thread that will interest our users...
Here is where you can like the actual thread and share the thread directly from the frontpage.

Finally, the last, but not the least... #4 is at the bottom of every thread...
This is where you share the actual thread to Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

I've been doing this for 4 years now, but I also need your help spread the word!

It helps us getting more traffic.
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