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When are they going to do something about all the modders its getting nuts seems like more are running them now and it's sad the only way people can win is to cheat others seems playstations not going to do ahit about it walmart Amazon and others are now selling modded controllers and they dont care how about u guys do u want to be cheated from now on in these games its bo fun any more

Tactical Gaming


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It's sad. We don't know when it will be addressed.

We realise, and know that there are modders, and cheaters in the game. There are even people who exploit the game to the point of the game being broken.

Report the cheaters to Treyarch/Activision after the game is finished. Remember their usernames, or write them down. Once the game is finished, press Triangle to bring up the social list. In that social list, look for the player - press X, it will bring up their "profile," press Triangle again, this time, it will bring up the varying buttons. One of them should show "Report."

If these players harass you on PlayStation, don't just block their account. Report them first before doing so. Don't respond in rage, just report the bitches. I have been doing this since Advanced Warfare, and every report seems to be processed. They notify you if the report's been processed.

They ARE trying to cut down the cheaters to size. You just need to look for the tools.

Welcome to the site, by the way! :)
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