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Where am i going wrong playing online?


When I play CoD4 online it gets really frustrating because I find myself shooting at people for a matter of seconds but they never die and often don't even get any damage, I am usually using an RPD (light machine gun) or an M60E4 (assault rifles). Can anybody give me some help in what I am doing wrong?
You're probably lagging.

But you should probably go one of two routes:
One, start using an MP5 or another SMG,
Or 2, start sniping. I recommend the first sniper you get (ma1 or something like that).
Few things could be wrong...

- lagging
- maybe work on your aim you could be missing
- scope on your site (L or Right Click)

Restart your router, close anything downloading or uploading on your computer. Something must be wrong! Good luck.

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