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Who do you think would win in a fight


British SAS vs Russian Spetsnaz

My opinion I think British SAS. Supposedly they are trained to feel no pat and have no fear. I think it’s completely bulls*** but you know what it kinda puts a little fear into their enemies. Tell me you wouldn’t s*** yourself if 10 British SAS guys busted through your door with full tactical gear and a gas mask with M4 Carbines (gas mask I think put fear into a lot of people simply because everyone always talks about how the gas mask guy did this or that p***ies) me personally I wouldn’t be scared but I sure as hell wouldn’t fight back. Now don’t get me wrong Spetsnaz is badass and definitely one of the most elite Special Operations but I just think SAS would win if it was a team v team thing. If it was a 1 v 1 thing I think Spetsnaz would win simply cause they kinda are trained to be on their own. What do you think about this thread. Comment below and don’t forget to like the comment and follow me on TapaTalk to keep up with all my posts .

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