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Why A Civil War-Based CoD Would Be Great For Our Times

NOTE: I don't have much faith in my writing skills. If I accidentally sound racist or something, please note that I do not mean any of this in that context.

Ah, America. Right now we are experiencing major conflicts. Certain leaders of some of our united states want to controversially do as they please at the major expense of others, while their opposers are accused of infringing on the rights offered to the American citizen.

Elsewhere, a flag made in the 1800s to symbolize the freedom of a state to make their own rules has been tied to an indirect effect of their goals, blatant racism.

This is truly a land of different ideals.

Taking a look at the Civil War, it may be difficult at first to see why it would be ideal for a video game. The weapons are a bit hard to load, there are no planes or tanks to blow stuff up, and it's just a bunch of old people with beards and thick accents. Right?

Not really. See, the way I see it is simply this: There are two completely different sides to this historical war. It's the bloodiest war fought on American soil, and the worst part is that every single fighter is an innocent American citizen who has been drafted to serve against his fellow countrymen. It's brother against brother and father against son in a country dividing in on itself. On one side is the "good" side. The winners. The Union. They are primarily noted in history books for supporting anti-slavery.

Well, okay, history books. That's great and all. I mean anti-slavery is totally what I would go with too, but what did they really support at their core?

Governmental control of the states.

That's where you get a story.

The CoD franchise has always thrived on story. Modern Warfare, one of the turning points of the first-person shooter genre, provided almost nothing new in the field of gameplay. What it did do, however, was provide a critically-acclaimed story and provided a new level for video games as actual works of art.

And based on recent titles in this franchise, we could use a good story.

Moving on, we have the Confederacy. Their flag has become a recent center of controversy even today, as a new generation looks at our history books and sees one major goal of this group: Slavery.

Slavery is bad, don't get me wrong. Like, awful. These people were unfairly judged based on the color of their skin and forced to work for many unpaid hours filled with blood and sweat, not to mention tears. Families were torn apart and innocents were killed recklessly. Even the free ones could be recaptured!

But here's a bit of a misconception.

Nobody in the South actually wanted slavery unless they made a profit from it. Just like those in the north, they despised the killing of fellow human beings. Even if they were racists, it was only because they were raised to believe that they were superior. So why did they do it? Simply enough, this disgusting practice was the basis of their entire economic system. After slavery was eventually outlawed in America, the south nearly fell apart trying to rebuild themselves. Not only that, but people in the south wanted their states to have their own rights. They had a strict belief that instead of 1 person making decisions for 50 states, 50 people should make decisions for 1 state.

So here's a great set-up for a Call of Duty game. On one side, you play as a Union soldier. You fight alongside African-American troops, you have better conditions, and you win. On the other side, you fight for the Confederacy. You're struggling all over, you are the underdog, there are no African-Americans at your side because of ugly practices, you feel sorry for yourself, and you lose.

The player begins to feel conflicted against themselves as they fight both sides of a war that should have never happened, but was inevitable.

It's your morals versus your freedom in a fight to the death.

Along with Union and Confederate soldiers, you can visit the perspectives of African-Americans serving in the war (In fact, they could be the main focus of the Union side of the story!), slaves trying to escape to British North America on the Underground Railroad, or even bring in some true emotional power by looking at the doomed young boys drafted to play the drums. Hell, John Wilkes Booth could even be in a(n optional) bonus mission.

And don't think I forgot about the women. Although they did not serve in combat roles, you could still shine light on their bravery in saving wounded soldiers.

This game has huge potential, and these are just some basic plot points that can be covered. What do you think?

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