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Why does Xbox get first rights to new dlc packs

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I was at the shop Game today and i asked about the new dlc maps for mw3(piazza and liberation) and the guy said that the pc would come out a a month to a month and a half later then the xbox one which has the rights to put them out first. Why is that?


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Activision and Microsoft signed a multi-year exclusive contract, and it's going to expire this year. However, that exclusivity is nearing the end of it's lifetime so that makes things easier for PC and PS3 owners that have to wait. These content drops are currently getting shorter than before.


Robert Bowling updated today that the weapon balancing, chat fixing, theater improving patch releases at 2am tonight AND dropped the release date for the PS3 map pack DLC (Feb 28th)


Activision and Microsoft have a contract that allows Xbox 360 to get DLC 1st. This contract expires at the end of this year... This means all DLC in the next CoD games will be distributed simultaneously from now on.

As for this year...

Xbox 360 Premium Elite Members get DLC 1st
PS3 Premium Elite Members get DLC 2nd
Xbox 360 Non Premium Elite Members get DLC 3rd
PS3 Non Premium Elite Members get DLC 4th

PC gamers - not confirmed yet but probably around April-May time for first DLC pack (Liberation & Piazza)



Is Premium Elite different than regular Elite?

regular elite is free and you get basic features such as a new title and emblem, recording your stats, checking weapon progression, clans e.t.c

with premium, you get all of this + all 20 pieces of DLC that is distributed over 9 months

with founder status (this is no longer available to acquire, unless you bought premium before December 13th, 2011 or bought MW3 hardened edition in which case you will have a code behind your instruction manual inside the case) you get a new title & emblem, a new camo (winter), 500 xp bonus for your clan, (if your in one) and a green skull on your elite homepage to signify that you have founder status

Hope this helped :)
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