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Why is my game doing this. Is this normal?

Hello, so when I play MW2 I get this weird artifacts.. Has anyone else had this issue and if so were you able to fix it? Everything is MAX setting and changing upscaling/sharping to off or any of the options does not change it. I also have Film Grain set to 0 and all motion blur off with up to date graphics drivers. MSI 4090 with 5950x

Screen Capture too big so had to upload to youtube.. Link is attached

View: https://youtu.be/OhNkPeVEAns


I can see what you are seeing in the video but I do not see it myself on my computer.

Next thing is DLSS, gsync and all those things. What are you set at? And, how much system ram? Have you ever run the ingame benchmark program? I sometimes will spend time between that and the graphic settings while ingame. This allows you to make small changes and see what happens.

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