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Why so many guns ?

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I assume 1000's of hour have been put into making this game a huge hit.

Why do you need so many guns when the quick scoping sniper rifles are in the game. The armed forces around the world spend trillions on weapons. All they need is a sniper rifle to run around with, I always see troops entering a building with sniper rifles....
We play this because everyone else on our list is playing it. Oh and I see bunny hoping is back in full force. The most rage quit franchise ever.

Developers worrying if they make the sniper rifle realistic, none of the under 18 will play.


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Thread title fixed. It makes zero sense, until reading the post.

Why are there many guns in Black Ops? Because player choice, man.

And you're wrong about the troops: Combat troops don't always use snipers. The Sniper folks are highly trained soldiers of a military chosen by the colonels that run the army. Corporals choose their best man from their battalion for the Sniper position. Why is this important? Because if you don't choose your best man for the job, then you fail. You die. Snipers don't just shoot from their barrel. They scout the locations, they look for the best view to lay prone, the best view to find enemy, and keep them in your lane. You also have to keep in mind of the terrain, because if not, you're dead.

Quickscoping is unrealistic, so those kids doing it have everything wrong about Sniping.

Bunny hopping is getting nerfed according to the dev notes here.
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