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Why trucks nerfed?


Why did Warzone limit the trucks to around 5 trucks in Solo BR. Did people really hate trucks that much? If they had to limit trucks, they should make a way so you can filter trucks in mini map so you know where they are since its rarer now.

Or maybe give a way for a truck user to fix the health of their truck. Maybe something you can buy at the loadout box or find in loot box that allows you to fix vehicles. Maybe it can be the LB + RB items thats takes the same slots as munitions box, trophy system. It be a wrench icon and you activate it to pull out the wrench, and then press Right Trigger to initiate the repair at the front of the vehicle, since that's where the engine is located. Maybe it takes around 10 seconds, about the same time as the recon flag mission, so you have to put yourself at risk to fix your vehicle. I would like some kind of item that allows you to repair your vehicle.

Most people didn't even use the truck in solos. Sometimes there will be a final circle where 3 trucks are together, which is funny. But you can still take them down.


Because people whined and complained.

That's why.
It's lame, especially that people buy skins for vehicles. What if they decided to remove trucks entirely, are they gonna refund people who had skins and it was only for the truck?

Plus it was rare when there are 2-4 trucks at final circle. Alot of people chose not to use trucks.

My only option is to do duos to still use map with full truck spawn. But finding randoms suck, many have no courtesy to play out the entire game and leave over a few bad beats.

Tired of all these random changes that can happen anytime. Why not leave all the spawns the same? Even with the truck nerf, there are some trucks that stay untouched, it's not like everyone knew to use the truck to win. I use it as part of my strategy, to create barricades around buy stations or final circle.

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