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Multi Why VoiD is just better

Discussion in 'Clan Chat' started by VoiDProjects, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. VoiDProjects

    VoiDProjects Recruit

    Nov 7, 2017
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    Because we are

    Because we are VoiD

    Because our clan color is purple

    Because our K/D is just better

    Because our W/L is just better

    Because we got more gun camos then you

    Because we are a higher rank than you

    Because we get more kills then you

    Because we carry our team

    Because we got more money then you

    Because we got more fans then you

    Because we are sponsored

    Lol now don’t take this list seriously guys there are people who have beaten us (unfortunately) and who tf cares about money and K/D and W/L. In all honesty it really does not matter worth a damn and if you think it does, well you don’t have a very bright future. It’s about playing the game having fun and making our fans laugh and have emotion. It’s not mostly about the money the cars the sponsors ect. So don’t take this comment seriously I’m 100% just joking. Don’t forget to like the comment and follow me on TapaTalk to keep up with all my posts

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