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Angels of Death

Worst Audio (Right Now)


I don't want to start this off by saying Warzone is bad. Warzone is actually really fucking good and I believe everyone should try it if you enjoy COD. Even if you enjoy battle royals for that matter. However, I find it more and more difficult to enjoy the game because of how terrible the gun audio is as well as footsteps within Warzone. Gunshots sound like they are in the building next to you, you can't hear footsteps even when they are right on top of you, and when you do get shot at the direction is completely off sometimes and the only factor that you can base it off of is the hit markers. Gunshots sound way louder than they should completely messing with anybody who has ears. I just wanted to express my anger with this issue cause it is really fun to play but it pisses me off constantly when I can't even hear somebody walk up on me. Yes, they could have dead silence but I doubt that everyone just has a constant dead silence. If you guys have this same issue please comment or tell me what you have encountered. Once again this is a good game with flaws but this, in my opinion, should be the first one fixed. Thank you for reading :D!

Angels of Death

Amen to that.
Was really looking forward to this game mode, but when a large percentage of my games are ruined by audio issues it never makes me excited to get into a new game.

Footsteps, gunshots, parachutes. All need fixing.
I'm glad you posted this. I have been searching for the surround sound option, thinking that I had it toggled of by mistake since I can't make any sense of the direction sounds are coming from in this game. Otherwise Warzone fills in most of the blanks of PUBG for me...much more accessible, much more fun, rather than 20 minutes starting a match, gearing up and wandering around alone before being shot in the head from 2 miles away by a pro.
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