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Ok so you are going to nerf a gun that was worth a shit and leave all the others that need to be "fixed". So you have no clue on how real weapons work, for starters a knife is not a one shot kill unless it's a heart shot or head shot, so if you hit me in the foot or hand, arm, leg, SHOULD NOT BE A ONE SHOT KILL (FIX THIS). Sniper shot in the same spots are not a one shot. And now you messed up shotguns. So let me ask you one good question, would you bring a knife or a gun to a fight. Cause gun beat knife anyday, but you wouldn't know that cause you are idiots. So stop conforming to the little bitches of this game and make it more realistic to play. Cause you have no idea how guns work, or physics, cause i would love to see anyone in this world do a full out dolphin dive and get a head shot you can't, or a quick scope shot (you can't), or pull up a 4 foot long rifle and get a shot off when i have a smaller gun and we are 2 inches from each other (you can't). GOD FIX THIS BORKEN ASS GAME.


wow are we disgruntled player. i would have a more detailed reply but as some know i can be harsh at times. so good luck in your journey and i hope it gets better.


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Thanks for the rant, we would fix all the issues you have outlined IF we were part of the development team, we're not though.

This is a player-centric community, and like all other CoD communities, we are moistly ignored by the developers, Activision, and anyone with any control over the games, code, servers, anti-cheat measures, sweat based match making rules and anything else related to the game or development.

This is a great community though, we always welcome new members and have plenty of room for you, so welcome aboard the good ship CoD Forums, I hope you have fun here while you teach, learn, share, and enjoy with us.


Sigh.......Lets get back to a bit of reality here can we?

  • The game is a game and only a game. It is not 100% reality nor even close to that.
  • It is made for the masses and not the minority REALISTS.
  • Can you imagine real life military actions behaving like it does in games?
  • Entertainment for the masses.
  • Did you know you were buying a game and what it entails?
  • Are you not educated enough to realize what you were buying?
  • Were you mislead as to what to expect from said game?
  • Have you played hours and hours on a game that you now consider to be a ripoff and unrealistic?
  • Have you considered how many others continue to buy each new franchise release?
  • Considering you original post have you given any thought to simply uninstalling the game then prove your convictions by never playing this game again nor any others in the future that you know will not meet up with your criteria?
I am not trying to be harsh but instead just being a realist. I bought this game and many others over the past 30 or more years. Sure I have seen many evolutions in the way games are made, marketed and simply changed. There is so much that I wish for and yet I still understand that as long as we keep buying and playing these games we are still going to showing our acceptance by the simple act of pulling out our credit card.

We all have the right to voice our opinions and understanding that once stated it opens up the option for others to debate or support any freely offered opinion. I am sure that Activision, Dice or whoever actually do listen to our feedback. Just don't expect them to do anything about what they hear.
Oh yeah toss on their all the stupid Hoppy jumpy dopes who jump at every single corner and door entrance trying to make you miss them however THEIR site picture is not messed up while they flail around up and down like a pogo stick.

Yeah unreal is right...


Sorry I hate Halo tactics in this game..

To me they need to introduce vision jarring blur when someone hops around like a dope.

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