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writing? art? anyone into that?

I write a lot in my free time! I use to want to be the next Bukowski, now I occasionally write erotica... so I may not be that far off.


personally i envy writers since they're always able to create their own elaborate world and make people immerse themselves in them. a artist speaking as one myself can only visually show it for a moment.

art is fun, altough im unsure if what i draw qualifies as "art" seeing as im really mediocre


Yeah, its the watercolor tool on Ibispaint X, a drawing app on the phone. Thats right, i do draw on my phone because i've gotten too used to it and my tablet broke.


I've tried both, but I think writing is a better choise in the short term because you don't really need to buy anything to start.


I used to think about getting a job with art, I even started using Drawabox, but spending 5$ every other day to buy pens is a pain in the ass.

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