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I have recently bought a expansive gaming PC, because I love playing Warzone. I've been playing on console all my life. I'm a decent play on Warzone. My K.D was a 1.79 when I made the big switch. My skill level got better with the upgrade to PC. in 3 months I got my K.D to a 1.95,lus more time home cause of the pandemic. Then out of nowhere I come to play and I got PERMANENTLY BANNED! I never used any type of cheat or hardware. That is my only account, I worked so hard grinding for camos, attachments, skins, and spent a lot of money on battle passes and bundles. I had to of spent close to a thousand dollars if you combined MW/WZ/BOCW. I'm so confused and frustrated. I never even got more than 18 kills in a game while you have people getting 20+ kills on a regular basis. I only got that 18 once. I don't understand how I got permanently banned when I never cheated! I need help on how I can fix this situation!

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