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Warzone was amazing until the 1.19 update. Graphics stay fuzzy forever, too many high powered guns on the ground, loadouts are completely useless except for getting perks, and they’re $10,000??? You guys took an amazing game I stayed so excited about, and made me absolutely hate it. I felt like this game was the best battle royale game ever......until this update. You guys are regressing already. You guys are catering to the free players, and completely forgetting about us gamers who bought your game. I’ve played COD for at least 15 years. Invested a lot of money in all your games in 15 years. You guys are losing me quick. Please fix it!!! It was amazing until now.

update is fine nothing wrong with graphics, loot system is GREAT, if you don't like that go play APEX because that's a real shit hole loot system. Game is awesome to me. I don't know why your complaining.
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