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Xbox Live XB1 DXG Demolition Gaming is recruiting! Diamond LVL 25 TOP 25 clan!


Mission Statement:

Here at Demolition Gaming, We are a true adult gaming community. We are community of adult gamers, who understand that the games we play are for fun. That does not mean we are not competitive, cause we love to win. We are made of different Squads that all revolve around people getting to know new people and to get to know each other and play a wide verity of games.

{Clan info}

  • Clan Name: Demolition Gamin
  • Clan Tag: RED
  • Clan Motto: Leave no man be-hide
  • Clan Level: MAX
  • Clan Kill/Death Ratio: 1.19
  • Clan Win/Lose Ratio: 1.01
  • Clan War Division: Platinum Division 2-1 LOST TO (LG GREAT GUYS)
  • Clan Members 70 AND GROWING
{Requirements/By-laws }

-To join Demolition Gaming all must go through a trial period of a week.

-To obtain a gamer tag of DxG you must be active in the community for at least a month.

-If you want to move up in rank, you must show the dedication and ability. It is not based on favoritism

-Drama is not allowed, we try to understand everyone even though we all have different backgrounds.

-Leaders have an open door policy If you need anything or want to know let us know

-We are a community. Leave No Person left behind. Be open to play with people

-Communication is KEY

APPLY AT http://demolitionxgaming.enjin.com/joindxg




DxG OkaPhil


DxG Fizzzy

DxG Vixen


My GT: vSxrappy



DxG (Demolition Gaming) is wanting you! We are a Level 25 Clan (Yes, Red clan tag I know!) We Participate in Diamond Division Clan Wars. We also have a Platinum for anyone who can't do the hours of Diamond. DxG is a calm, chill, and mature clan. We have a website you can checkout to read up more about us and to also sign up. We use this website for members to sign up for clan wars and to keep everyone up to date with what is happening. DxG uses an app called "GroupMe" so everyone an communicate with each other. All players wanting to join you MUST apply through the website. (Link is Below). All recruits will go through a tryout period of two weeks or less. Our clan is three months old with 80+ members. We are looking forward to see you be apart of us! ~ vSxrappy


- Must be 16 years or older
- You need to have a working mic
- K/D above a 1.0
- K/D above a 1.0
- Raging and or rage quitting is not permitted
- Must play all game modes (Even if its not your favorite)
- Must be an active player
- Need to be a team player
- Participate in Clan Wars
- MUST have the "GroupMe" app

*If you feel you qualify please apply on or website*

*Use my GT- vSxrappy as "Who recruited you?"*


DXG is a Elite Diamond clan! We also have a sister clan in Platinum! DXG is a laid back adult competitive clan. DXG is built on maturity and having respect for clan members! We have a website for all information about the clan. We use the site to help recruit and keep clan members updated with information. We also use groupme for communication. All recruits have to go through our recruiting process which can take up to 2 weeks. DXG goal is to be the top Diamond clan in AWF and other cod's years to come!


16 year or older


k/d over 1.0

w/l over 1.0

no rage quitting

must play all game modes

learn call outs

team player

active and must be able to play in CW

must have groupme app

Please apply on our website and include my GT dxg bailiff, or message me on XBL. Also can leave your name in the forum.
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Demolition Gaming, also known as DxG, is now accepting applications to join their top level (red clan tag), top 10 diamond division clan. Nearly 100 people call DxG their call of duty family and you could be one of them!

DxG is a clan for mature Call of Duty players no matter what their age. DxG is open to anyone who can display they have a good head on their shoulders and is an active Call of Duty player. There is an application process that includes filling out information on Demolition Gaming's website http://demolitiongaming.com/joindxg and downloading a communication app on your phone.

Skill requirements are flexible, however, the recommended stats for applicants are a KD of 1.3+ and a W/L of 1.0+

If you would like to join add IrishHalfling on Xbox live and we can get it started!
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