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Xbox Live xBlackWatchx - MW and MW2 Clan Wants You!

Tactical Gaming

hi my names chris, im 26 and live in england.
i am a member of a very good clan called xBLACKWATCHx.
our clan is an american based clan and because of timezone issues i could not attend practice sessions as such my american brothers said that if i recruited enough members we could create an international squad that operates on the GMT timezone, thus foxtrot was born.
Welcome to Blackwatch! The home of a call of duty MW2 clan, and soon to be Modern Warfare 2 clan! We are excited about this upcoming release and of course are making preperations right away.

BLACKWATCH was created by the great, HIT DIRTY SOUTH and one of his good friend PSYCHOTICHAMMER who serves as the CORPS COMMANDER for MW2.

Welcome to the BlackWatch clans official website

Blackwatch has recently been certified by CNOP, labeling us as a genuine gaming organization. We are very proud of this as their standards are set very high for only the best gaming clans.

Modern Warfare 2 Division

Our Modern Warfare 2 division is based on the USMC ranking system and structure and will be very organized and easy to follow at all times. The Call of Duty series is for the more serious gamers as it is a hardcore first person shooter. Our fourms are based on a strict military structure to ensure that all members stay organized as well as informed on the forums.
We have an understanding set of rules and regulations in place to insure that every member is treated with equality and respect and can have a great gaming experience while ranking up through our promotion system. A member will find themselves gaining important and lasting friendships with like-minded gamers from all over the country.
The ranking system in our MW2 division is set up so that a member has the opportunity of ranking up in one of two ways:
(1) By earning attendance points for attending highly recommended squad practices. (Every rank has a minimum attendance point requirement, much like CoD4 and WaW's ranking system.).
(2) Through direct promotions from officers. For example, if you show and make valiant effort into the clan and high ranking officers see this, then they will make sure you are to be rewarded for your actions.

Below are some of the perks of joining BLACKWATCH:

-Structured USMC ranking system.
-Disciplined group of individuals.
-An easy to follow Chain Of Command.
-A competitive Gamebattles Team.
-Member Created Custom Games including Multiplayer Zombies and Sniper Rifle FFA.
-A skilled signature artist to help diversify your account.
(here's just a little taste of our extremely skilled artist)

-Inner-Clan Tournaments and Scrimmages.
-An attendance tracking system.
-We strongly accept mature and disiplined members to prevent imaturity.
-We have helpful and planned practices twice per week.
-In depth training involving set tactics and strategies.
-Diverse weapon training courses.
-Opportunities to earn prestegious medals, badges and awards.
-Opportunities for members to prove their leadership abilities.
-Many other rewards for the more dedicated members.
-There's always members online to link up with who have the same interest.

*NOTE* WE ONLY LOOK FOR MATURE PLAYERS. We do this because at xBWx we strive for the best, and try to make a positive place where the clan members are comfortable and at ease. And really, who wants a little kid screaming in their ears?

The next step you need to take is to register on the BLACKWATCH website (Welcome to the BlackWatch clans official website), read our CODE OF CONDUCT thread and then Apply in the APPLICATION thread. Once your application is approved, you will have access to our private secure forums and will be placed in a squad.

*There is plenty more to come to this division and updates to this thread will be regular for a while. Please check back for more updates.
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