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Xbox series x - no events tab

Since season 1 started.

I've had no events tab ony Xbox.

I couldn't see the dune event and I can't see the current Christmas event.

How are we meant to track progress if we can't see it.

Can someone at Activision please have a look, you raise a ticket and never get a response, the communication is shocking.
Yeah that's not working. Apparently it's something to do with the link to accounts but I've been using this for over a year and never had an issue until now


Not just xbox, I'm on ps5 and buddy isn't PC and while we had the first 3 camo events, the Dune and Christmas event are MIA. Buy I was able to finish both events by looking online for the requirements. Once you have 1 required kill via what they want, if you press option and go to notification bell you can see what percentage you're at for that challenge. Screenshot_20231220_114319_Samsung Internet.jpg

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