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Angels of Death

Multi XG gaming recruiting now!! Must read

This is the XG~Gaming™ clan/community!! We are looking to get new members...We are going to be a gaming clan/community!!! In the future when we get more members we hope to build up teams to play in the leagues so we are going to be a great clan to come to if you are looking for that opportunity!!! THE XG~Gaming™ WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST CLANS TO EVER BE ON THE EARTH MARK MY WORDSS!!! We hope to see you there!!! ~xxmasonxx approved...

xxmason is the leader! We are looking for you now! message me on discord for more info on how to join or drop your discord or psn

XG| VelocityxApe#1122 is my discord hit me up

Rule #1: You will be held accountable and punished for any racism, sexist remarks, sexual harassment ETC..

Rule #2: Do not instigate someone who is having some problems. They might be new and have no idea what they're doing.

Rule #3: There is no cross clanning allowed! This means that you may not be in annother official clan.

Rule #4: Must be at least 15 years of age or older. If you're under 15 you can stay as an unofficial member until you are old enough to reapply.

Rule #5: Do not use any bot commands in the community chat.

Rule #6: You will respect all members!

Rule #7: Keep conversations in the set designated areas.

Rule #8: If there is an issue with another member DO NOT make it public! Contact someone of @X Mod rank or higher.

Rule #9: DO NOT post in any chat what so ever asking for any handouts!

Rule #10: Do not make any clan/group/activity/org of any kind with XG anything without first talking to @XG | xxmasonxx

Rule #11: Last but certainly not least HAVE FUN!!

Angels of Death

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