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Multi Xiled Gaming Threads Announcement


Staff member
I've been running forums since 2006. I've moderated forums for as long as 2001. I am not new to this. However, since 2009, when I began administrating this site (CODForums.com), I've always been seeing some clans start new threads constantly. That clan was FoD. Today, it's Xiled. No matter how many times I tried to organize their threads, they start up a splinter groups off from the old one. Then I find new Xiled websites. As time weared on, I increasingly got confused. XGN? XGC? XGN Homicidal? XGC This, and that. It got exhausting.

So! What I've done is merged most XGC/XGN threads into a newly created archive. All threads are there. I'm sorry to XGC folks because they've been trying to be on my good side for a while now. But XGN? I don't think so. I've had it, and decided to punish both clans instead.

As per this post, I've decided to make a new structure. From now on, two Xiled Gaming thread(s) must be marked as either "Xiled Gaming Network" or "Xiled Gaming Community." It is Clan Leaders' responsibility to maintain their brand on CODForums. That means updating their perspective threads with a good update that follows the Clan Rules. Anyone breaking this rule (and the aformentioned Clan Rules) will from now on have their Xiled Gaming Thread merged into THIS thread. And if you decide to try to deceive me by making your thread as a division of XGC/XGN such as Homicial, or whatever. That too, will be merged into the old thread.

I'm just about done with you guys. This decision is final, and you WILL follow it. If you don't, and you test my patience enough - I will take even more drastic action such as banning your account. That's it. I've done it before to clan members that didn't understand the rules or didn't care to follow the rules.

I was not kidding when I said "One. Clan. Thread. Per. Clan." This post reiterates exactly what I've been saying since 2009. If you guys had just read the rules, I wouldn't have done this! So, I am going to tell you one more time: Read the Clan Rules. Or else!

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