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Multi Xylo Exclusive Recruitment 16+ || Everyone Welcome!

Xylo Exclusive is a brand new casual to competitive team, we are looking to bring on a few suitable person(s) for a couple of positions prior to the official release of the team!


Community Manager (1/3) - As a community manager, you are working as much as possible to make sure the community is as engaged as possible whilst also hosting events and other things that may help engage the community. The CM team will have bi-weekly meetings to discuss everything, plans, & etc...

GFX Designer (0/1)

Video Editor (0/1)

- 1x Rebirth Lead (Recruiter)
- 1x Caldera Lead (Recruiter)
- 1x MW Lead (Recruiter)
- 1x CW Lead (Recruiter)
- 1x VG Lead (Recruiter)
- 1x MW2 Lead (Recruiter)

Other Games;
Apex Legends Lead Recruiter
Valorant Lead Recruiter
Fortnite Lead Recruiter
More coming soon,

- Must speak English.
- Must be 16+ years of age.
- Active, & engaged.
- No Other Team Involvements (We are pushing for something large here)
- Always work your hardest for the team, we are one.

Message me on discord to get started, let's get it going guys!

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