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Your favorite Marvel character?

I've been into Dead Poll comics for about ten years now and I love most of what he is involved in. I'm not a big fan of the comedic styling overhaul he underwent though, it went from a bleak, sarcastic character who made topical jokes that tied in with what you would expect from the conditions we see him live in to random, sopsophomoric, and lazy jokes. Still a big fan though.
I really hate to be "THAT" guy but.... Wonder Woman is a DC character....I thought you were joking the first time because usually when there is a good Super Hero movie it's a Marvel product, but Wonder Woman is one of the few DC got right.


Spiderman hahaha. It's a pretty cliche choice but I love his older comics/Ultimate ones/the Amazing Spiderman movies. I also am a big fan of Tom Holland as Peter Parker, Homecoming was a blast!


Captain America. He's such a good dude, you can't help but like him. It's really easy to have him as a role model as well.

Bloody L

Deadpool. The comic version. Logan/Wolverine is also really great. He seems to be one of the more deep and complex characters in comics. At least, he's become that way over the years.

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