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Angels of Death

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Ironsights are a wonderful thing.... oh, no wait, it's hindsight is a wonderful thing.... I should have known.
I can't believe the game I just played, 34 kills for 4 deaths, with an ultra kill, I got the chopper gunner, completed the Shock and Awe missions and was top player!! w00t.

I've just done some work on DestroyRepeat to fix the intermittent issues, I have not seen any more errors from inside xenForo's ACP just yet, so for now we're good.
Sorry, guys, server's been going up and down lately. It's because of the way DestroyRepeat works with PHP. I'm currently looking into it, but till then, please excuse the dust. Some error reports were from other sites like SwitchForum.
does our mobos suppport the new pcie 4 cards
Can use PCI-e 4.0 cards in PCI-e 3.0 slot?

Yes we can, the MSI B450 Tomahawk Max has PCI-e 3.0 slots, but in my opinion this is not something to be concerned about.

I'll answer this question in a new thread in the lounge, I can't do it here, there's a 420 character limit.
Updates are a JOKE!!
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That's not a joke, this is a joke:
China refuses to acknowledge Ty won.
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God. I love MW2's Multiplayer. Yeah, it was broken in places, but the guns, the gameplay feel, everything seems like a polish from COD4.
@Carlos tihs Update Reuires Restart
What update? xenForo? CODMW?
The update I typed earlier today, it was a joke, PC players might get it, you go into Battlenet to launch MW and it says updating, you wait for the update then launch the game and it says Update Requires Restart, then the game quits and reloads.

So, my update will require a server reset. :p
Looking to recruit new Reapers for the 32nd Reaper Division PS4 clan, established in 2006 and still going as strong as ever. If you're interested in joining look us up at www.the32nd.org.
Raid Shadow Legends: If you want to play this game, save some time and send a whack load of money to me, you'll get the same effect, as in no game and no money left.

If you like I can even make up a stack of random stats to show how well you did.
I feel like playing MW3 for some reason, do people still play, can I buy it so that I can play co-op survival on my new PC while someone else plays on my old PC?