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I will not have disruptive, disrespectful people on my board. If you are coming here to cause trouble, you're gone.
Looking for players for CoD: Cold War from Europe or willing to play on the European server pool. 25+ of age only please.
Yo Venom! This is Bizzle from RBG (Rock Bottom Gaming), if your team ever wants to scrim our team either MW or Cold War, hit me up. Later!


Jay - "RBG Bizzle"
Who doesn't need call girls? right? what's this junk anyways! lol
Its Spam. I've banned the user, and cleaned his garbage.
Oh, I had no doubt it was spam...just seemed amusing to me at the time. I've had a few hours to reconsider my amusement. lol
I use to be a great clan but there was some Flaws. and As a good player looking for a more Direct approach in as becoming a leader I was never granted. The way I play is that I’m a Run and gunner player. I do sometimes snipe. killstreaks that I run is uav, White phosphorus and anything else that is helpful to the team. Just plz give me a chance
Check out my about to find my contact information... currently looking for COD members and leaders for our group as well as people that would like to hold tournaments on this game for any platform... message me if you interested in any of the above things~~~~
Made a clan recruitment post, website got screwed up and I can't edit the post to remove the site name till I get things sorted out...discord link is good though.
Excuse the dust. Testing ads now.
I purchased a bundle which contained a Striker 45 cal submachine gun. The submachine gun works but there is no gunsmith panel beside it to manage the weapon.
Is this normal or is there a problem here?
No worries, man. Excited to see more people join!
I typed goodnight when chatting with a friend in game, it came up as good***ght, I mean seriously, nobody will take that as a racial slur, this is just insane
Are you struggling with those daily missions where you have to get x number of kills with random gun/equipment etc...?

Set you Quick Play menu to put you in Free for All matches only, no-body flames you for not playing objectives when the only objective is to shoot others and not get shot.
Suche Spieler für mw Multiplayer oder bo4 Zombiemodus. Dürft mich gerne bei psn adden. Schreibt mir nur das ihr mich hier gefunden habt, Heisse bei psn so wie hier
Ironsights are a wonderful thing.... oh, no wait, it's hindsight is a wonderful thing.... I should have known.
I can't believe the game I just played, 34 kills for 4 deaths, with an ultra kill, I got the chopper gunner, completed the Shock and Awe missions and was top player!! w00t.