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hello there my warzone family, feel free to come join my multi national clan ###101 lets grow together or to just play.
Ps no 24 hr angry people please
psn: sharky249
YouTube/ thesharky2timezchannel
check it out show some love
See you all on the battlefield
The next false report is a ban. Waste my fucking time, you're gonna piss me off.
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Just a user reporting his own posts like he's trying to be funny. Fucking annoying.
Give him what he wants, bring out the ban hammer, then we all can have a laugh.

It won't be the first time someone has dared you to ban them.
I know. The thing is, I recognize sarcasm. I fell in love with a woman who has this sarcastic streak, so I know it very well.
Anyone looking for a new cold war streamer to watch? Follow me on twitch @ twitch.tv/drdeathgamingx I stream Monday through Friday!
CoDForums continues to grow every day! Thanks for your participation!
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Let me extend a warm welcome to all the new members, why not invite your friends, family, and pets to join, the more the merrier.
Hey! I tried replying to your message but it wouldn’t give me the option to type haha. Do you have discord? I’ll add you on there and I’ll invite you guys that way! Thanks :)
Haha yea I've got discord. Mines JKarma93#8857. I'll have to get his tomorrow Cuz he's not gonna be on today. Thank you :)
It has most likely been there the entire time I've been playing Black Ops, so today, I just discovered Theatre mode, now I can check other players to see if they were cheating.