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Hello. Welcome to CoDForums.com. I would like to remind people: To be nice. If you are here to cause trouble, please leave. Just go. I logged in to fix spam, but I also found a troll. Do me a favor and just go.
hey, my name is Honse, or go by dd but I love sniping on cod but mainly on Cold war and I play other cod like warzone sometimes vanguard. I'm looking for a clan that would accept me into their clan and hoping I could meet new people:))
KD Ratio: 1.3
Win Ratio: 1
Primary Weapon Class: LMG

The ratios were made by averaging my stats in the two main CoD games I play: Cold War and Vanguard.
Have questions? Wanna play together? Just wanna chat? Here is how you can reach me outside the forum:

Instagram: happy.unluckyx
Tiktok: happyunlucky
Snapchat: happy.unlucky
Xbox Gamertag: Goldilox#8954
Anyone know if call of duty vanguard is down as when I'm trying to access multiple player it's coming up as error
Happy New Year to all the CoD Forums members, guests, visitors, and search engine bots.
Every visitor to these forums is important, members help create the content, search engine bots help people find the posts, and guests/visitors follow links from bots to get here, so I wanted to be fully inclusive in my New Year Wishes, I should have said Owner too.... my bad, sorry :oops:
I was busting your balls man. lol
I know and I was playing along. It's all banter. All good.
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