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Recent content by Dark Voyager

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    5 Ways 'Black Ops 4' Could Make Call Of Duty Great Again

    treyarch always brings us good quality content
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    I probably wont be done with 5 things only lol
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    How many MP friends do you have?

    brought like 20 from Xbox 360 days
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    Vehicles in multiplayer

    I'm okay with turrets and stuff that are stationary but moving vehicles? nah
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    What kind of maps do you want in Black Ops 4?

    I'd like to see old style CoD maps which are small ones
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    Thoughts on the Black Ops 4 storyline?

    No idea, just hopping for them to surprise us
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    Worried about that
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    Will there be Xbox 360 and PS3 versions?

    no they kinda stopped supporting old gen from BO3 days
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    Black Ops Zombies

    Duuuuude the memories I wonder whats gonna happen with storyline cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What do you want to see in Black Ops 4?

    Battle Royale has been so famous lately so I'd like to see that
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    Ditch the Season Pass!

    You have a good point
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    What's on your Black Ops 4 wishlist?

    bring real quickscopping back :(
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    The biggest game-changing feature in BO4?

    More care about clans :/