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  1. Giggity 89

    MWR : shotgun vs SMG?

    I havnt warmed up to SMGs yet but i have been trying the f90 out and I kind of like it.
  2. Giggity 89

    MWR : shotgun vs SMG?

    I suck with both but whats your preference and why?
  3. Giggity 89

    Favorite TV shows?

    They wrapped it up with Season 4. It had a good but kind of f****d ending, tbh.
  4. Giggity 89

    How did you find CODForums.com?

    Just realised you are the owner of this place lol. Anyways , neat looking forum.
  5. Giggity 89

    How did you find CODForums.com?

    Duckduckgo is not as big as google but they are decent, I like their policies on privacy more than googles. I am from Northeast Oregon.
  6. Giggity 89

    What is your best way of playing COD?

    I either use the m4 with an acog or run a sniper loadout. I dont like red dots on MWR ,so far. The only matches I play are free for all and team elimination. I like both standard and hardcore but I keep getting kicked out for fragging my team mates... I might try out capture the flag or defend...
  7. Giggity 89

    Idea for Another Game

    Civil war themed would be cool. Maybe do it up to where they make the U.S. look war torn like Syria or Yemen. For guns, I like modern stuff but full customization would be cool.
  8. Giggity 89

    Anybody have any useful tips for a noob at MWR?

    I downloaded Modern Warfare remastered a few days ago. Im still pretty crappy at it but slowly improving, any tips for a noob? I like running either a sniper rifle or an M4 with an ACOG, what perks would you recommend and why? Also, can anyone recommend some good youtube channels for learning...
  9. Giggity 89

    Favorite game?

    For me: Parasite Eve Modern Warfare 2 Killzone 2 Modern Warfare remastered (loving this game) The Last of Us. Wasteland 2 Fallout 3 (Probably at least 10 more, I like them all for different reasons so its hard to pick just 1...or 10...or 20) Oh and the Metro series, its up there with "The Last...
  10. Giggity 89

    H1Z1 or Fortnite

    Dont like either but Fortnite seems like a higher quality game.
  11. Giggity 89

    Who would win in a fight Master Chief vs the dragon born

    Masterchief by flawless victory in the first round. I am not a fan of Halo, either.
  12. Giggity 89

    Will they remaster Skyrim

    That is more of a remake, imo. I would love to see Bethesda remake TES games. With the flop that is FO76 I hope they do switch directions or we might not see too many more FO games.
  13. Giggity 89

    What is the hardest game you've played?

    Dark Souls or The Last of Us on hardcore(or whatever its called) mode. Might be others but these come to mind.
  14. Giggity 89

    Noob here...

    I live in Eastern Oregon, im 29 years old and I prefer console gaming ,ps4 and Nintendo mostly. I just started getting back into playing COD games thanks to Modern Warfare Remastered. I played the original and the 2nd one quite a bit about a decade ago, cant say that I was anygood though. Lol...
  15. Giggity 89

    How did you find CODForums.com?

    I used Duckduckgo and searched "COD forums" , this was about 10 or so down on the search results.