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    Xbox Live Team Dynamic || Competitve GB team || Pubstomping Team

    Hello everyone, We are Team Dynamic, we are a team that aims to reach the top and we will always aim high for our members and followers, we are coming soon to YouTube. At the moment we are clan bases around infinite warfare only, we are also doing a race to master challenge. Recrutiment...
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    iMushy is here

    Hi, nice to meet you Carlos!
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    How Infinity Ward could've made a good CoD 2016

    If I'm honest I like the new movement system, I've played call of duty from Cod1 on PS2, I love boots on ground but also the new movement system adds a better gaming experience in my opinion we have more chance in 1v1 gun fights, we are able to move quicker around the map so more action happens...
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    Team Dynamic Recuriting || Skilled & Amatur players wanted!

    Team Dynamic Recuriting || Skilled & Amatur players wanted!
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    Xbox Live Team Dynamic || Chill Pubstoming Clan

    Hello everyone, Welcome to Team Dynamic recruitment thread, we are a chilled out pubstomping clan, we enjoy playing kill confirmed, team death match and domination. Requirements: -Mic -17+ -0.75 KD -A willing to learn and improve -Activity on Xbox live -Wear the clan tag at all times...
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    Any Infinite Warfare impressions?

    I love the game, when I played the beta I hated it I'm not going to lie, when the full version arrived I loved the game, the guns are some what balanced, the maps are great and the ranking system seems fair I can't really ask for much more than that.
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    iMushy is here

    Hello everyone, I'm Mushy aka Corey, I'm a amateur cod player from the UK, I am here to learn new things and find people to play with I may create a little clan, so that's me, well kind of I've never really been great with introductions so yeah.