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Recent content by kubikill

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    Nintendo Switch

    Haha! AFAIK, Nintendo said that they want everyone to have a Switch. Maybe they'll lower the price soon?
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    Hey man, welcome! Have a good time here.
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    The good old infinite story game

    Remember the infinite story forum game back in the day? Let's start one here! I'll start a story, and then anyone who posts below will continue it with 1 or 2 words only. So, let's begin! Stanley was...
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    Hello there!

    Hey, thanks, guys!
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    I don't really believe into love. I'll probably spent my entire life alone :/
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    whats on your mind right now?

    Eating late has never hurt me so far, so sure, go for it!
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    thread for heavy questions.

    So I'm not the only agnostic, then.
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    What kind of maps do you want in Black Ops 4?

    Definitely something very unique, something completely new.
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    social media - good or bad?

    Social media is mostly good, but we can't forget that we are the product on free social media sites. Facebook sells us out to the advertisers, for example.
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    Favorite Non-CoD game

    Probably the entire GTA series.
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    which country are you from?

    Poland here! Great to see fellow Europeans here.
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    Discord or Skype?

    Definitely Discord. I've used Skype in the past, and I never liked it.
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    Nintendo Switch

    I'd love to buy a Switch, but I can't afford one :/
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    own any pets?

    I have two dogs and I had a cat, but it ran off somewhere into the forest :/ I really loved my cat :/
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    android or iphone?

    Always Android. Android gives you more freedom, and if you root your phone, you're pretty much free to do absolutely anything you want.