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Recent content by Parzival

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    Black Ops 4 - will it be successful?

    Yeah, it's Call of Duty. Most people will buy it without even watching gameplay footage and stuff.
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    What’s this about a Battle Royale mode?

    Oh, depending on the map's size this is a really good idea! I don't like how PUBG feels so cluttered sometimes.
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    What DON'T you want to see in Black Ops 4?

    Micro-transactions and bad graphics. I know at least one of these is not going to happen so it's already a good thing hahaha
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    whats on your mind right now?

    College starts next week and I'm really anxious. I'm also trying to practice math from scratch because Cauculus is a pain.
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    thread for heavy questions.

    I think about death, a lot. Sometimes it scares the shit out of me. Most people say that they don't fear death, just dying and how it feels and stuff. I'm the opposite. I can't stop thinking about how freaking crazy it is that after I die everything vanishes and that's it.
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    social media - good or bad?

    The concept itself is really good, but the fact that we use it without even giving second thoughts nowadays is a big problem.
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    writing? art? anyone into that?

    I've tried both, but I think writing is a better choise in the short term because you don't really need to buy anything to start.
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    will climate change or nukes kill us first?

    Climate change is pretty much going to wipe mostly of us. Maybe nukes are going to stop us from getting there first, but who knows?
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    gun control

    Over here in Brazil civilians can't buy guns, but recently a big debate over whether or not that's a good thing began. I personally think it can't get that worse than what we have right now.
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    own any pets?

    I'm thinking about buying a cat, they seem like good companions for those who can't be with them 24/7.
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    I think it's an extremely complex thing and too volatile for us to tag anyone this or that. For example: some days I feel like I'm an asexual, some days I can't stop thinking about how cute some girls are. I've never felt like sexually atracted to men but that doesn't really mean much nowadays.
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    android or iphone?

    If I had a lot of money I'd buy an iPhone, but since I don't... Android is the way to go hahaha.
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    What song are you listening to?

    Te Trouxe Essa Canção - Mateus Alves. It's a cool brazilian song.
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    The last thing you purchased...

    A piece of cake XD, it was so good!
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    which fast food place is better?

    Pizza Hut is a favorite of mine, but I'm a fan of Burger King