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clan wars

  1. M

    why is clan locked

    why is our clan locked? we are unable to join clan wars and can’t invite new members to participate because of inactivity. this has been the issue for a month now week after week, still can’t invite members or participate. we are up with the current version of COD mobile. we can only join...
  2. CidAtheart

    Multi Clan war for COD

    I am the president of "We Are Reborn". We are looking for other clans for our Comp Team to play against. We are looking to play CDL, 5v5, Best out of 5. Will allow Pc players but no more then 2 PC players per team. Allow one alternate per match which is a choice. We are looking to just keep our...
  3. +Spy+OptiCs+

    Multi +Spy Optics Recruiting Top Elite Players

    +Spy Optics is now recruiting, we have 6-8 solid players we have 1 # Top 100 player looking to add a few more, some tournaments include $ prizes still upgrading and adding new material, GB Top #50 clan in 2009 and 2014, We will be Top Seeded this year, Message for tryout details / PSN -...