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clan ww2

  1. KingVibez

    PSN Starting new YouTube Gaming Clan

    Hello everybody, I am starting a new clan called Royalty and I am starting to recruit for it. We are going to be making monthly team-tages and posting videos as a clan. I am recruiting trick shotters mainly but not explicitly. I am looking for players who play any call of duty game but mainly...
  2. C

    PSN Looking For A Sniping Clan

    I am a sniper on ww2 on ps4 at the moment looking for a clan to help me grow as a YouTuber and sniper. I hit quads and 5 ons all the time. I have a few clips I can show as proof. Twitter: https://twitter.com/cade1031 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEaKCXyLWhqTfNWgMvTvNEA
  3. J

    PSN Recruiting For Pubstomping Clan .. Serious People Only

    Recruiting For Pubstomping Clan... We Play TDM,Hardpoint,Domination and are open to play different game modes. After a while, we will put crews together and play gamebattles. KD 1.5 or higher.. The clan name is 23 as in the Michael Jordan's or Lebrons of call of duty! Add me ..the leader...
  4. P

    PSN Searching for a clan

    Hi I am currently playing cod ww2 on ps4 and I am searching for a clan I am 15 years old I have a mic I can play in the weekends
  5. Wildstorm_Freak

    PSN SLG Clan Recruiting (PS4 ONLY)

    SLG Nation UPDATE (not allowing WWII Recruiting Still Dec 22) (PS4 ONLY) PSN: Shadow01Dragon New Rule if beat us 10 points against us beat us) SLG Rules -age 16+ -You must carry SLGA tag at all times -You are to be dedicated to SLGA ONLY -Loyal to Family -Must be Active -Having Fun -No Bullying...
  6. CyberLimbu

    PSN Prime Exalted

    We are Prime Exalted! A gaming community looking to have fun experiences and find new friends along the way. As of now Prime Exalted is mostly on PC gaming but, I have been playing Call Of Duty World War 2 for a while now on PS4 (trying to unlock camos). If you want to join us in just having...
  7. I

    Xbox Live imClan Recuritment Thread (Xbox One)

    Some information about imClan - Founded: 11/14/17 - Members: 3 - Games played: COD WW2 - Leader: imTeezyy (me) - Co-Leader: imOneil We are a casual mature clan that just likes to game. Were not here to "take the world by storm", or to become the next "FaZe" clan. Were just some dudes that...
  8. M

    PC Recruiting for a Clan On PC! COD WW2

    Hit me up for an invite and let me see how you play Midnight is looking for new members note we might come up with a new name!