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clans to join

  1. C

    Multi Team Excize is looking for you!

    | Welcome to Team Excize! | Hi all, my name's Chance and I’m recruiting for Team Excize Alpha and Nxt! Both of these teams are competitive COD teams currently playing on MW, but will transition over to mainstay games as they come out. We’re looking to build semi competitive - competitive...
  2. ExtraZ

    PSN Brute Force Clan Looking For Members {PS4}

    Are You... 16+ Tired of playing with randoms A fun, likeable player Looking for a fun place to hang If so you would be perfect For Brute Force Clan If you are interested please message me on Discord: ExtraZ#0628 or PSN: DC_ExtraZ Looking forward to hear from you
  3. Swoogo

    Xbox Live LF cod mw Xbox clan to join

    Hello my username is Swoogo, am I 16 and I started playing modern warfare once the whole covid 19 stuff started. I do have lots of experience with cod in the past and I am a all around good player at the game. I play warzone and multiplayer, I will be happy with what ever clan I join, I am also...