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  1. D

    You can make a Black Ops emblem in your computer easily. Watch the tutorial :)

    This tutorial shows how to create a Black Ops emblem. I hope you will enjoy it :)
  2. E

    Xbox Live Join Edge Gaming Today!

    Are you looking for a team that you can thrive in? Get along a with everyone and have a good time? We are the team for you! Edge Gaming is a new and up coming team who are looking for motivated players who are committed to Gamebattles, MLG to join our competitve side of our team! While also...
  3. MeTa Voodoo

    Multi Team MeTa Recruiting

    We are looking for new members for our clan. Preferably ones who are Feed snipers Knifers Trickshotters REG Gun Feeders GFX Designers And Editors We aren't very big, but we could use your help
  4. ShiFt Clan


    HELLO EDITORS! We are ShiFt clan! We play on PS4 in the United States and we are looking for GAMING EDITORS!! If you even think you are a little good at editing or plan on learning to edit more in the future, we are interested in you! We have a lot of talent and have a lot that you could do to...
  5. L

    Multi TiFF Clan Recruting!

    Check us out on youtube TiFF Clan TiFF clan is a new and fresh clan filled with consistent and skilled gamers. We are a very consistent clan and we haven't missed one montage since we started, 4 months ago Our clan is growing quickly and we need people to make it even better, if you are...
  6. Pressure Wasted

    Pressure Sniping

    Pressure Sniping Pressure Sniping is a new COD based sniping team looking to make a name for itself and in order to do so we need some of the best snipers that COD has to offer. We need even more than that though. We need... snipers trickshotters editors designers content creators and much...
  7. S

    Looking For A Clan Editor

    Hi My Name Is SGL Raj And I Am A Member Of SGL And CO-Leader. We Are Looking For A Professional Editor For Our Clan. We Are Looking For Someone Who Would Like To Edit For Free But Join Our Clan In Return And Have Credit In Every Video So We Increase Your Sub Count And You Improve The Quality Of...
  8. O

    TeamOcTo is recruiting anyone! PS4

    Hey TeamOcTo is recruiting and we want you. I really hope that we are able to recruit some of you guys. You dont have to be great as long as you put effort that is what matters the most. We are looking to recruit people ages 13-15. You can join as Trickshotter/Sniper, Editor, GFX artist, Player...