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infinte warfare

  1. L

    Xbox Live Xb1 Female Gamer Looking for Clan

    Looking for a clan to join playing Infinite Warfare GT: Lyndzee1
  2. CrispyBluShrimp

    Xbox Live Clan Recruitment

    United Gaming Clan (UG) - Must be 17+ - K/D 1.3+ - Fun clan, and really active - Any weapon clan - We play any kind of COD specifically IW - Contact me Xbox live: CrispyBluShrimp
  3. R

    PSN Infinite Warfare Clan Recruitment

    Hello today and further on we will be recruiting for our clan for PS4! Who are we? We are The Rad Reapers with clan tag set as (Reap). We are looking for active players and players that have a 1.0 or above K/D with a few exceptions to a lower K/D message ReaperOfRealms on PS4 and join our...
  4. ShiFt Clan


    HELLO EDITORS! We are ShiFt clan! We play on PS4 in the United States and we are looking for GAMING EDITORS!! If you even think you are a little good at editing or plan on learning to edit more in the future, we are interested in you! We have a lot of talent and have a lot that you could do to...
  5. M

    My Infinite Warfare trailer edit

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kh4nlYxYgZs