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    why is clan locked

    why is our clan locked? we are unable to join clan wars and can’t invite new members to participate because of inactivity. this has been the issue for a month now week after week, still can’t invite members or participate. we are up with the current version of COD mobile. we can only join...
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    PC Looking for good COD WW2 player to join my clan

    Hello, I'm looking for 10 members to join my COD WW2 clan. I will set up a YouTube channel where all members clips will be uploaded. If you are interested please contact me. I also have a steam group if you would like to join. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/-AquaX-
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    Multi NRG Clan recruiting

    No Resistance Gaming (NRG) is a newly founded community that is looking to build a safe structured community for all gamers. We have a ranking structure that will help develop your leadership skills as well as challenging yourself to achieve your goals. We have squads for one game each. So you...
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    PSN Call of Duty IW (CRUB) Clan!

    Let me know if you are interested to join so I can message you guys!
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    Xbox Live APEX Gaming is building our CoD Division

    Hi there, I'm Wicked End89, the founder of APEX Gaming (an XBOX community). Our CoD division is our newest offered division by our community, and is always looking to rapidly expand our CoD roster from nothing to something, much like what we've done in our other gaming divisions. Given the...