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  1. K

    Call Of Duty WW2 MONTAGE!!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zglKogZBsfA&t=6s Just starting out on youtube, only able to record and edit from my PS4. This was a little warm up to my channel because i have not posted in a while! Please watch! I am also looking for a clan to join, Im not only a sniper.
  2. O

    PSN PS3 vet looking for comp sniping ww2 clan in Xbox 1

    havent done comp in awhile I don't even know if it's still around to be honest been 2 years since I've done it lead and been in #1 clans many of times add me on Xbox and we can talk oixten
  3. TheGrantMan

    PSN Any Clan Recruiting Members?

    Hello members of the CoD community! My name is Grant and I joined the CoD community way back when I was only in the 2nd grade... A little young to play those games? Nah. I was here for the release of Modern Warfare but I am only recognized Black Ops 1 to Black Ops 3 in this thread. When...
  4. AQ clan

    Multi AQ clan is recruiting all consoles

    AQ clan is a new call of duty and rainbow six siege clan.. we currently have 5 members and are looking for more. We would like to have a competitive team, streaming team,players, pubstompers, snipers, quickscopers, trickshotters, graphic designers, editors and more! If interested please reply...
  5. B

    CoD 4 Remastered, choppa with the sniper! Cod 4 Remastered Sniper Montage tomorrow, Don't miss it!

    Hey Everyone, Thanks for checking out my post, here is a video I created today having abit of fun with a sniper, if anyone wants to check it out :D I got a choppa! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0djnPhkjecA&t=2s I will also be uploading a much better video tomorrow! My Sniper...
  6. D

    BO1 quickscope montage

    Hey guys, Been playing cod since like forever. I would love to share my new montage with you. View: https://youtu.be/Qs2XppeXkI4 I appreciate every kind of criticism! Greetz dewillox
  7. TenSioN Doodle

    My New Montage! Please subscribe and like!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pTUyyYA-3k
  8. VIBE Bolt

    Xbox Live VIBE Clan Recruiting!!

    Hey, my name is Scott (aka VIBE Bolt). I run a clan on Xbox live called VIBE. We are a competitive clan so we use any guns in public games. Every custom match we do is snipers only. I have about 50 subs because we started like 5 months ago. You must be 13 or older to join this clan along with gt...
  9. Coop_Dawg25

    {PS4}Heavy Damnation

    Hey guys! I'm looking for players who would be interested in creating a completely new and awesome clan with me on PS4. Looking for Players who: Can Quickscope Have at least .80 K/D ratio Love spawn trapping people Are Friendly Usually Active. If you have questions talk to me here or message...
  10. TourqeGaming

    Quick Scoping Videos

    Post your quick scoping videos here