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Recent content by Grim

  1. Grim

    Welcome CODAW users!

    Welcome Carlos!
  2. Grim

    What's your favourite production company?

    I feel this way as well. Sledgehammer and Treyarch have, in my opinion, done absolutely amazing with their games. And although this is the case, CoD 4: MW 1 will always be my favorite CoD of all time.
  3. Grim

    Call of Duty: Black Ops III

    I figured I would make this thread so we have a place to talk about Black Ops III, seeing how we don't have a section for it at the moment. I for one am extremely excited for Black Ops III! What about you guys?
  4. Grim

    Welcome to the forums @[207:@ivokudums]!

    Welcome to the forums @[207:@ivokudums]!
  5. Grim

    Anyone else having problems finding MOuntain Dew/Doritos Codes?

    I haven't seen any in quite awhile. I wonder if they stopped the promotion maybe? Who knows.
  6. Grim

    Momentum Gamemode Tips And Tricks Video

    Nice video, @TheRealCutlass! Overall I would say you covered most points about momentum. I need to wait til I'm off work to give you more detailed feedback. But all in all, nice video!
  7. Grim

    Zombie character not appearing in multiplayer

    From what I can tell, you just need to keep playing the level ("riot") in order to unlock all of the armor, and eventually the zombie character. That's what I did, and I never really did anything different than survived and then escaped.
  8. Grim

    Hello killers

    Great to have you here @krazEkid! Welcome to the forums!
  9. Grim

    Unofficial Exo Zombies Thread

    Is anyone else extremely excited for the new Exo Zombies map in the new dlc? It looks awesome! What do you guys think?
  10. Grim

    Hello there!

    Welcome to the forums, @Cajunfiend I hope to play with you soon! And thanks for donating! It's always good to see people care enough about the site to donate because they want it to succeed. :)
  11. Grim

    Relative COD Newby

    Welcome to the forums @ACCtionMan! We'll have to play one of these days. Feel free to add me, my gamertag is x Im Grim.
  12. Grim

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome to the forums @BigPete7978! I hope to play some matches with you soon! :)
  13. Grim


    Welcome to the forum @TODD 1!
  14. Grim


    Welcome to the community @Fraggernl!
  15. Grim

    New UK Member

    Welcome to the forum! :)