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  • It has most likely been there the entire time I've been playing Black Ops, so today, I just discovered Theatre mode, now I can check other players to see if they were cheating.
    Don't you just hate when you get a merciless streak and 26 kills in a game of Free For All but somehow don't make it into the top 3!
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    I had something similar. I think i posted the video here somewhere. :confused:

    I got a 25 killstreak, but I couldn't use it more than a minute. Another one of that is when I got the same 25 killstreak - I COULDN'T USE THE KILLSTREAK ITSELF! UGH!

    Both times I was using juggernauts.
    That sucks, to have done all that work and not get to enjoy the reward.

    The most kills you can get in FFA is 30, but I've won games with only 20 kills, and got top 3 with 17 kills, so a massive steak and 26 kills should count, right?

    I just feel like I was robbed!! ;) kind of.

    I bet the that someone that did make top 3 got there with a streak from someone else's weapon drop.
    I had a bit of time to play and there's a 60GB update!!!!

    Hopefully I'll have time for a couple of rounds of something before bed!
    I beat my best ever killstreak last night with 14 kills :D
    Pfft. I can do better: 25 to 0 at the height of COD4. I swear to God I wish I recorded it, but there was no streaming at the time. I DID manage to get it the second time in BO2, I took a picture of it.
    Before Black Ops Cold War I didn't pay attention to my biggest steaks.

    When I started playing CW I was struggling to get beyond 3, somehow I managed to get myself to a Gold camo on my XM4 and that needed me to get 5 kill steaks.
    So I am innocently browsing the forums, open a topic and have a read. When I get to the bottom I see related topics and 1 catches my eye, I start reading and get to the end. I want to join in the conversation but then as I go to reply I see the last post was in 2013!!!
    How did you get the glow around our name?
    I donated money to help Carlos meet the running costs for the forum, he used it to help pay for the upgrade to the latest version of Xenforo.

    In return I got the glowing user name and custom title.
    Please watch out, we're being targeted by people offering products and services that are aimed at boosting your accounts.

    Please be aware that using these services can get your accounts closed, you will lose all progress, unlocks, achievements, and any money you spent on buying the game and blueprints.

    Be careful.
    OMG. Just discovered my keyboard needs a firmware update! seriously?

    ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
    Why the heck can’t we split screen for offline zombies on Cold War, wtf is the reason it’s so dumb
    I was just about to post how much I'd like that when I thought of me and my son playing the game split screen on my PC, but even if I could get 2x keyboard and mouse connected, I don't have the space to do it.

    Plus, on a PC, we could go dual monitors and not have to split the screens, oh! if only my rig could handle it.
    Played my first game of Zombies today.

    Lost server connection before I could fire my first shot, so that was worth the money, right?
    OMG. I have just discovered that Black Ops Cold War has an option to try it for free and it's only a 50Gb download.

    Installing it now!! w00t...
    I typed goodnight when chatting with a friend in game, it came up as good***ght, I mean seriously, nobody will take that as a racial slur, this is just insane
    Are you struggling with those daily missions where you have to get x number of kills with random gun/equipment etc...?

    Set you Quick Play menu to put you in Free for All matches only, no-body flames you for not playing objectives when the only objective is to shoot others and not get shot.
    Ironsights are a wonderful thing.... oh, no wait, it's hindsight is a wonderful thing.... I should have known.
    I can't believe the game I just played, 34 kills for 4 deaths, with an ultra kill, I got the chopper gunner, completed the Shock and Awe missions and was top player!! w00t.

    does our mobos suppport the new pcie 4 cards
    Can use PCI-e 4.0 cards in PCI-e 3.0 slot?

    Yes we can, the MSI B450 Tomahawk Max has PCI-e 3.0 slots, but in my opinion this is not something to be concerned about.

    I'll answer this question in a new thread in the lounge, I can't do it here, there's a 420 character limit.
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