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    Good work ik0n!
  2. Teeroy

    Favorite Non-CoD game

    I like Fortnite, however don't really play it that much since Blackout. Too hard to go from building things to not building things and using the incorrect button layout.
  3. Teeroy

    PSN Ps4 anyone

  4. Teeroy

    BO4F.com on Social Media

    Maybe a BO4 Forums Instagram?
  5. Teeroy

    PSN Ps4 anyone

    Im in Australia so may have ping issues, But PSN name is Teeroy1985
  6. Teeroy

    Is anybody else having this same promblem ? (Please gets Treyarch's attention)

    hmm. What platform are you playing on? I don't have this issue with PS4. but not sure about other platforms.
  7. Teeroy

    BlackOps4Forums.com reaches 1 thousand posts!

    woohoo. BO4 forums will only continue to grow :)
  8. Teeroy

    Is internet expensive where you live?

    $99 per month for NBN. Speeds up to 45mbps. Thats with Telstra Bigpond in Australia.
  9. Teeroy

    November 13th Update

    Nuketown is awesome. I still think they have to tweak each gun a little bit for everything to be fair. But they are getting better and better.
  10. Teeroy

    Hello from Australia!

    Hey Guys, Im Troy. I play BO4 on my Playstation 4 and I am from Australia. Looking forward to some Black Ops 4 Discussions. :)