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Recent content by XAcekidX

  1. XAcekidX

    Community Game Modes: MW3

    Love it!!! :D
  2. XAcekidX

    Least favourite map?

    Really? I quite like Underpass.
  3. XAcekidX

    MW3 DLC

    I don't have COD elite. :( Don't think it's worth paying for.
  4. XAcekidX

    Happy 2012!

    Yeah! :D
  5. XAcekidX

    Advice for new Clans & Squads

    Epic. Thanks, Dude this is very helpful.
  6. XAcekidX

    Happy 2012!

    Happy new year guys!
  7. XAcekidX

    Is it worth buying?

    Quite good I guess. Worth buying, but multiplayer is SUPER HACKED. Seriously, I can't find ONE GAME without a hacker in it!
  8. XAcekidX

    WaW Problem

    I know I'm late but is it a legit game? Or is it like emulated or something? If it's emulated or cracked then that's the reason, you'd have to buy the game.
  9. XAcekidX

    Intervention Hitmarkers

    I normally only get hitmarkers when I try to no-scope. xD
  10. XAcekidX

    Rumors Section

    A section where people could discuss rumors? Like MW4, Iron Wolf, Black Ops 2 etc... Not the best idea but I think it might be helpful to some people.
  11. XAcekidX

    Is Gaz Still Alive in MW2?

    Nah, Gaz is definitely dead.
  12. XAcekidX

    Least favourite map?

    Don't like estate much...
  13. XAcekidX

    Drop Shotting: Effective or Not?

    It's great. Unexpected! I use it quite alot. Jump shotting is quite epic too but it's much harder to do in my opinion.
  14. XAcekidX

    Community Game Modes: MW3

    What about Juggernaut and Team Juggernaut? Cool if they were online. :)