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Tactical Gaming


  1. M

    Watch the BEAM SHOW!!

    follow @mrb34ms650 on twitch for unlimited laughs and unlimited beams!!! Camping where?? THIS IS A RUN AND GUN GAMER!!!
  2. E

    Multi eTournaments - Free Blackout Tournaments with Prizes

    Hello we are eTournaments, We are trying to spread the word about our tournaments they are for players with all skill levels and offer great prizes. We host Paid tournaments & Free tournaments. Check us out on our social media below. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/electronicTournaments/...
  3. Peaceful Panda

    Chill Stream | Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    Hang out with us: https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCNNWwE94KVcya7OafS2FmDw/live DISCORD Interested in gaming, talking about games, films and content creation on YouTube and Twitch or simply want to hang out? Don’t hesitate and join us: http://discord.gg/4nvU27A TWITTER For those...
  4. D

    Blackout highlights video

    Hi y'all, I a bit late but here is a highlights video on the Blackout beta on PC.
  5. T

    Multi Call Of Duty Blackout - 37k Discord Server - Looking For Players / Tournaments / Beta / Giveaways / Rewards

    Join - https://discordapp.com/invite/Cpn5HvR Battle Royale Gaming started in October of 2017 and ever since it started, we have striven to be the best; we now have over 37,000 members. We first started off 100% dedicated to Fortnite and only recently have we started to slowly expand on to...
  6. Carlos

    Any Black Out Beta impressions?

    The BlackOut beta gets released this morning at 10am pt/5pm gmt and ends on Sep 14 at 10am pt/5pm gmt for PlayStation 4 owners first, but it will become an open beta starting Sep 14 at 10am pt/5pm gmt, ending Sep 17 at 10am pt/5pm gmt for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You PC gamers have it best...
  7. B

    PSN Savage Souls Unite [PS4]

    Savage Souls Unite (SSU) is actively looking for gamers that need a place to call home. SSU was founded on the principle that people play PS4 to have fun, and this will always be priority number one. We tackle any forms of drama with a Zero Tolerance. We are team driven, and approach all...
  8. Carlos

    Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Beta revealed with a teaser for BlackOut

    Ahead of the Multiplayer Beta's release, Activision and Treyarch released a trailer to hype up the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta with a little sneak peak for Black Out! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLQ9z5JVDIs
  9. Carlos

    Black Out Beta arrives in September

    Today (July 13th, 2018), Treyarch revealed when Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's BlackOut would arrive. No other information was given, other than that it would arrive in September... Source: Treyarch Blog Post Are you excited to learn more about Black Out!?